House Jumpers

The House Jumpers play jump blues and rockabilly music. It’s American music with great vocals, big guitar, jumping dance music, fun lyrics, and a great time! This material was originally recorded from about 1948 to 1960 by artists such as BB King, The Liggins Brothers, Big Mama Thornton, and Camille Howard.  The House Jumpers cover those great artists and contribute original songs to this wonderful body of American music.

Cathy Hunt-Vocals
Marvin Hunt-Guitar
Steve Montgomery-Bass
Josh Conner-Drums
Chris Millspaugh-Harmonica


Sons of Brasil

In Kansas City, there is a popular jazz group that has performed every week since their inception in 1991. This would not be so remarkable, as Kansas City is renowned for its tradition of great jazz since the days of Count Basie and Charlie Parker. What is remarkable, is that this group of native Kansas Citians plays nothing but Brazilian jazz, with a flavor and passion one might think could only be found at a night club in Ipanema or Leblon. The Sons of Brasil invite you to sample these sounds, which stem from their love and admiration of “musica bem brasileira.”

Stan Kessler — trumpet and flugelhorn.
Danny Embrey — guitar.
Greg Whitfield — electric bass.
Doug Auwarter — drums.
Gary Helm — percussion.
Roger Wilder — keyboards.